vendredi 10 mai 2013

The noble art of letting go

-Hi , I want to do a photoshoot right now !!
-Yeah but it's actually midnight ...
-I don't fucking care . I really want to do this now!
-Oke get ready and please don't ring at my door... don't wake up my mom

From Rome to Home


a couple

a little bit of home

                                                  Long walk in Rome and then ''Piazza San Pietro''
                                                     Pictures , ice creams and food
                                                   And finally ... We went back into our bus and got back home
                                                     This trip was one of my favourite ! I just love Italy

jeudi 2 mai 2013

Red diamonds

Hungry girl

Italian hero I've called Scapin

En pleine contemplation de tableaux 

Walks and talks under the Roman sky
I saw beauties all around me and I've drunk my first glass of wine in Rome