dimanche 20 janvier 2013

First steps

Yeaah I'm sitting on my cats :O

From first steps to tonight ! Time passed so fast that I didn't even notice how I turned from a little baby to a young woman !
Cherish every little moments in your life even the bad ones because in a couple years you will laugh to death of your bad moments or experiences (We personally experimented it like three days ago with my bestfriend) =)
Cherish your parents !! You are a lucky one if they are still next to you . Dont blame them , dont punish them and don't accuse them of any fucking problem in your life because even if we don't want it one day the will disepear !!
Try to do your best to give them the life they 've always dreamed of for you and them !
Hugs and kisses ! Happy end of sunday

A song of my childhood

and another one

These two songs recap my whole life I think ! They remind me of soooo much 

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