vendredi 5 avril 2013

Roman holiday


Ruins of Caesar's palace 

Friday 29 March 

Buongiorno signore e signori
I've recently passed a couple days in Rome . These 3 days showed me a little ''aperçu'' of Italian life
When I've made my first tape in this antic city the fisrt thing I noticed was that the air was filled with the smell of  the recently opened flowers , people's fragances and italian food ! 
What about the landscape ? I think I don't even have to explain  to you how beautiful , magical , grand , impressive , breathtaking , moving , natural it is  ... 
Visiting Rome is as if you would go back in the past and with a little bit imagination you can perfectly imagine    the most famous Romans walking in the streets you're walking in , living  in the city you're in and creating their incredible destinies . This is a feeling that filled me with so much emotions 
When I reminded of all the things that happened in Rome ,   of all the famous and historical people  who lived or only visited the city I just shiverd once and could not stop then .
Rome welcomed Julius Caesar , Augustus , Mark Antony , Cicero , Raphael , Michelangelo , Cleopatra and more recently Audrey Hepburn  and a lot of other celebrities !!
ps: I tried to practice my Italian too ) 

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  1. J'adore ton t-shirt et ton sac, et je suis carrément fan de ta veste ! je veux la même ;)

  2. Magnifiques photos, ton sac est sublime!