lundi 6 août 2012

Congratulations birthday girl

Today is the B-day of a girl , of a fashion blogger , of a talented person , of a friend and finally of such an amazing person , Mensulu Kozhagulova !
At first let me wish you a perfect birthday , today is definitely your day !!!
I wish to you love , so much love that you'll drown in it
I wish to you laughs , so much laughs that you'll not be able to catch your breath
I wish to you the most faithful relationships , so faithful that you'll know him better than yourself
I wish to you ideal friendship , so ideal that your friends'll always be with you
I wish to you to be successful , so successful that all the girls'll dream to be you
I wish to you an ocean of poetry in your life , rivers and rivers of passion in your relationships , friendships as strong as the highest mountains and a life as sweet as 4 vanilla skies , 3 bird's singing , 2 lovers whisperings and only 1 true love !

                        Have a good day , I think this year we finally understood each other .
                                                   Happy 19 th birthday !! Love you ... 


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