mercredi 22 août 2012

Flying Lions

Je suis tout juste revenue de mon voyage dans le sud de la France ! Les photos ci-dessous ont toutes étés  prises a Nice ! 
J'avais mon hôtel dans cette ville , chaque soir je me  promenais dans la ville , j'assistais a des representations   rurales , a une baignade nocturne et a des conversations , des rires , des jeux , des photos et des vidéos ... bref cette ville je l'adore j'y habiterais volontiers

I've just came back from my vacations in the south of France ! These pictures have been taken in Nice!
In this city I had my hotel , every evening I went out for a walk and some fresh summer air , I saw street art , I swam in the sea by night , I laughed , I played , I took pictures and filmed all around me 
I loved this city , I'd live there with a big pleasure 

Me and Masha

Central place in Nice

French macarons : )

Monument for Albert 1 

Funny Face

The sea

Me and Anastasia eating an Ice-cream

Our late night's swim with Nastia

Playing in our hotel

Shopping day

My summer book ''Le maître et Marguerite ''

Basilique Nicolas 1

An usual french house

Olives trees


wonderful garden

Miss Evans and her beautiful mom

She has amazing nails

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