dimanche 22 juillet 2012

My poetic mornings

Today I didn't sleep and at 4 in the morning the sun started to rise and birds started to sing at my window , I oppened it  ,I listened to this morning melody and  I've been so enchanted that I've put on my pants , on a wool sweater , I took 2 books with me : ''John Keats , poems '' and ''French poets of 19 and 20 th century '' I went outside of the house and sat on my stairs .I started to read and  I stayed there for 1 hour 30 ...
I read more John Keats than the other book because I'm completely addicted to his poems I especially love the poems '' Ode 'to Fanny'' , ''The beautiful lady without mercy'' and ''To autumn'' .In the other book I've found Victor Hugo's poem ''Demain des l'aube'' that I really love and a couple poems from Verlaine ... but I still prefer Keats poems , they stay my favourites ! 

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